Governor Kay Ivey, Mayor Tommy Battle last minute campaigning

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Governor Kay Ivey supporters range from the elderly to the young. "She's bringing all these jobs, lowest unemployment rate, and people are working again. That's what it is about," Hayden Jones said.

Hayden Jones is a long way off from being able to vote but supports Governor Ivey and her vision for the state and so does his sister.

They both want to grow up and be politicians. "I like how in politics you get so determined that this person is going to win and they win and you're so happy," Sheridan Jones explained.

Winning is what Governor Ivey is hoping to do on Tuesday. She's hoping her conservative voters show up at the polls. Governor Ivey said she made a promise to the folks of Alabama and has followed through on them.

"As governor, I have made it my job to see that our people have the opportunity to have good jobs and higher paychecks. We have attracted some six billion dollars in investment money and we have created some 13,000 news jobs," Governor Ivey explained.

During the campaign, Ivey`s sexual orientation was questioned and her health. She said her opponents were simply desperate. "Desperate folks do desperate things and it`s just apart of it, they can`t get any traction on their message. I`m putting my record out there and proud to do so," Governor Ivey said.

She said the polling numbers look good, but she`s counting on people to get out to the polls.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle believes he has a chance to do more than just force a run-off with Governor Kay Ivey.

"Our team has worked very hard. We have a grassroots organization throughout the state. We've been to every county in that state. We've been to 200 groups, 22 forums or debates. Now it`s time for the people to vote," Mayor Battle explained.

Mayor Battle said the response to his campaign has been great. He said especially from the North Alabama community. He said this election is about leadership for the state over the next four years.

"I would suggest to the people they need to look for the leader who can lead this state the best the next four years. Who can provide for an improved education, provide for building roads, provide jobs for you?" Mayor Battle asked.

Mayor Battle said the work isn't over. He plans to get out on election day and meet with people to encourage them to vote.

"We've seen good polls. Her numbers started at 76 they are dropping all the way down. The last poll we saw was about 40 percent. Our numbers started at 9; we are up about 35 or 36 percent," Mayor Battle said.

Mayor Battle thinks he has a chance to beat out Governor Ivey and become Alabama's new governor.

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