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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – WHNT News 19 has learned Governor Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 236 into law.

Deputy Press Secretary for Communications for Gov. Ivey Gina Maiola told WHNT News 19 she signed the bill into law Monday afternoon. She had until 11:59 p.m. to sign it.

The bill seeks to create a commission to study the effects of medical marijuana and renew Carly’s law, which allowed children with seizures to legally use cannabis oil.

It passed the House 80-19 on May 31, but not without heated debate.

Representative Mike Ball says he wants to teach more people about the bill so everyone can form their own opinions.

“I would welcome any faith-based discussion on this because this is about healing. The opposition comes from people who practice politics in the name of religion,” said Rep. Ball.

Representative Mike Ball supports the use of marijuana for medical purposes. He led the way for Carly’s law and he knows the difference it can make.

“Say if people have this oil for this purpose, they won’t be prosecuted,  be in danger of being put in jail,” explained Ball.

He says studies show medical marijuana can help a variety of people and he’ll be shocked if Governor Ivey doesn’t sign the bill.

When asked what this bill means for the state of Alabama, Ball says it’s a small change for now.

“I think we’re on the verge of making a big step. We were about to make a big step had it not been blocked we would have, it would have been a big step. But now, it’s a baby step,” said Ball.

Ball believes the fear of change is holding Alabama back from legalizing medical marijuana.

“Anytime that we’ve progressed its fear and ignorance is what we have to overcome,” said Ball.

Ball says if Governor Kay Ivey does sign the bill Monday, the commission would start their research, and in a year people can expect legislative changes for medical marijuana.