Gov. Bentley wants Collier’s lawsuit thrown out


Gov. Robert Bentley (R-Alabama)

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Governor Bentley wants a lawsuit filed against him and members of his campaign dismissed.

The motion was filed Monday to dismiss former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Spencer Collier’s lawsuit that claims he was wrongfully terminated.

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Spencer Collier


He filed the lawsuit against seven named parties, including Governor Bentley.  The governor said that Collier was fired due to quote “a possible misuse of funds.”

After Collier was terminated, he held a press conference and alleged that an affair took place between former political aide Rebekah Caldwell Mason and  Governor Bentley.

In all, the lawsuit has nine counts of wrongdoing from defendants raging from the Governor to Rebekah Mason to the new head of ALEA, Stan Stabler.

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