GOP “Battleground Patriots” Arrive In Ohio, Push For Romney Votes

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DAYTON, Ohio (WHNT) – It’s a fight to the finish in America’s biggest battleground state, with Republican volunteers from Alabama now on the ground in Ohio.

The GOP-sponsored “Battleground Patriots” arrived in Dayton, Ohio Wednesday evening, and will prepare for a 3-day voter outreach blitz starting Thursday.

The group of more than 100 volunteers will begin canvassing neighborhoods and knocking on doors in suburban Dayton using specific address lists provided by the Mitt Romney campaign. Battleground Patriot officials told WHNT News 19 that the lists identifies voters who are undecided or may already be leaning toward the Republican nominee.

WHNT News 19’s Nick Banaszak is traveling with the group.  Read his updates here.  Also, see more pictures.

New numbers released Wednesday show a virtual barnbuner in the Buckeye state, which has voted for the winning presidential candidate in each of the last twelve elections. According to Rasmussen, President Obama and Governor Romney both currently draw support from 48% of Ohio voters, with the rest undecided.

Some Battleground Patriots volunteers call Ohio a must-win for Governor Romney.

“I expect Romney to take Ohio, but I want to go up there and do my part to make sure it happens,” said Madison resident and Battleground volunteer David Shockey. “It’s a critical time for the country. I think four more years of Obama would be a disaster.”

WHNT News 19 has been given exclusive access to the battleground bus tour. WHNT News 19 reporter Nick Banaszak will provide on-the-ground coverage from Ohio for the rest of the week, and will see how voters respond to the Alabama GOP outreach efforts.

President John F. Kennedy was the last candidate to win a presidential election without capturing Ohio. No Republican has ever won the White House without carrying the Buckeye State.

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