Furloughs Could Become Layoffs: Congressman Brooks, McKeon Lead Roundtable

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Congressman Mo Brooks (R-5th) held a roundtable discussion at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Monday night.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon (R-California) joined Brooks in the defense discussion.

He comes at a time when sequestration dominates our roadways, and for many families, all of their decisions.

But he says the folks on Capitol Hill haven’t been able to make the tough decisions up there, and we may get stuck with it, “Sequestration is the law, and unless we can come up with some other way to fund that trillion dollars, it will be permanent every year for the next ten years.”

If Congress came up with a budget instead of just getting stuck on a continuing resolution, it could alleviate the problems, but McKeon says he’s pretty sure that won’t happen.  In fact, he says he’s “about 99-and-a-half percent” sure.

Here’s the toughest news, even though furloughs have proved a pain, it’s nothing compared to what McKeon suggests, “I always found that if you had to make cuts, you’re better off making them, instead of trying to do whatever you could to put it off as long as you could, because they were going to come anyway.”

McKeon elaborates that he thinks layoffs should replace furloughs, and Congressman Brooks, looks on with his brow furrowed.

McKeon says the twenty-percent cuts could continue for a decade, and keeping furloughs going that long would only deter the top talent from sticking around.

He says layoffs of up to twenty-percent of employees could prevent that.

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