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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – We may be just a few months away from the presidential primary, but election security is front and center for state leaders.

Later this week Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill will be holding a cybersecurity seminar for election officials across the state. This all comes down to protecting your vote.

Professor David Hughes with Auburn University Montgomery says voter confidence is key. “A pretty large portion of the American electorate is concerned that there could be election tampering for foreign sources, this is mainly a concern among Democrats”

He says although there’s weren’t any successful attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 elections, foreign governments tried their best.

“They ran essentially a misinformation campaign, or troll farms on the internet and trying to stir up the passions of a polarized American electorate,” said Hughes.

The National Association of Election Officials met this week in Auburn to talk about voter integrity.

“Every election is different, as things change we want to be able to keep up with them,” explained Susan Gill with the National Election Center.

Election officials say it’s important to have inclusion, integrity, and innovation for those who are running elections on the ground.

The cybersecurity seminar will be held in Montgomery on Friday.