RESULTS: AP reports Doug Jones is the winner in the U.S. Senate special election

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — AP reports Doug Jones has won the special election for U.S. Senate, setting him up to be the first Democratic senator from Alabama to serve in twenty years. Jones defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore, who was endorsed by President Donald Trump after a heated campaign.

The special election was down to the wire as election-eve polls showed a split. Jones and supporters waited to see what the people of Alabama would decide at his watch party at the Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham.

Jones said in a speech at the campaign event after hearing the results:

“We have built this everywhere we have gone, we have had that same energy, we have had that same excitement. At the end of the day, this entire race has been about dignity and respect. This campaign has been about the rule of law. This campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone in this state regardless of what zip code you live in is going to get a fair shake in life.”

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Jones tweeted:

Jones gained his first lead in the polls after allegations of sexual misconduct came out against Moore. The former chief justice was twice removed from his duties for defying federal courts over same-sex marriage and the public display of the Ten Commandments.

Jones had his own mishaps as well during the campaign with controversial advertising and documentation coming out that he did legal work for a corrupt democratic politician's foundation. The president had also campaigned against Jones on Twitter, claiming that the candidate was weak on the issues and would be a disaster.

The Jones campaign out-raised the Moore campaign by over $6.7 million and out-spent by $4.8 million from October 1 to November 22 as reported at the time. The Democratic candidate brought out a range of politicians for support such as Senator Corey Booker, Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Anthony Daniels and Rep. Terri Sewell.

Other political figures have taken to Twitter to congratulate Jones: