Crowd feels a variety of emotions after Trump Rally

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT)-The Trump Rally here in the Tennessee Valley attracted a variety of spectators. People waited for hours to see Donald Trump and to hear him speak. Once they got into the stadium, the waiting continued. Some supporters waited in the stadium for close to three hours before Trump even arrived.

Despite the long lines and hours of waiting, the crowd remained enthusiastic throughout the event. The crowd was entertained by guest speakers, Trump signs, Trump hats and very loud music which all helped keep the anticipation alive as they waited for Trump’s arrival.

After the event crowd members were left feeling several other emotions. Jason Satterwhite says he appreciates how Trump funds his campaign, and it’s something he relates to as a law enforcement officer. “We don’t do what we do for the money. We do what we do for the people.  And that man there is doing what he does, not for money, because he has enough of it. He has got enough money. He wants to get things done for us now, and that is why I am here.” Satterwhite say that the rally left him feeling empowered, “Coming here today touched me as an American and as a Christian.”

A first time voter that attended the event says that the rally was not what he was expecting.,”There was people pushing and shoving the whole time he was walking up there. So it was crazy,” says 19-year-old Ty Cole. He and his girlfriend were on the second row and say it felt similar to a concert. Despite the unexpected atmosphere, he is still very excited that he went to the rally. “Because I agree with just about everything that he says honestly, and I just wanted to see him in person, because it is the first time I am going to be voting,” Cole says.

Another young voter that we ran into says that the event reminded him of something like the Iron Bowl.


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