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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala – The Athens-Limestone County Chamber of Commerce hosted a legislative update at the public library, featuring Congressman Mo Brooks.

Ahead of the event, Brooks told reporters he would not take any questions about the controversial U.S. Senate race and the sexual allegations against Republican candidate Roy Moore.

But after a brief presentation about the state of the national debt, he opened the forum to questions and it quickly surrounded the Moore scandal.

One man frankly asked Brooks, “How can you support a pedophile?”

Brooks said that none of them can call Moore a pedophile since none were present. But the forum became tense, with audience members and Brooks talking over each other.

“I don’t have to worry about anything else in this senate race because today I voted for Roy Moore, that’s it,” said Brooks. “I voted absentee.”

He said Democratic candidate Doug Jones doesn’t align with his beliefs, and he fears Jones would make moves that support Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.

He also spent a good chunk of the time discussing the accusers themselves, accusing one of forgery, and saying seven of them support Moore.

“If I had to choose which side I’d want to take because of which side I think would prevail in a court of law, I would choose Roy Moore’s side,” he said.

Other topics briefly discussed include net neutrality and this week’s tax vote.

Indivisible Alabama, a nonpartisan group, was present, and held up red and green cards to nonverbally agree and disagree with things Brooks said.