Bill allowing loaded guns in vehicles without permit a possibility for 2016 session

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)  - Aside from the lottery, the other buzz words over the last couple days have been 'gun control' following a plan from President Barack Obama to expand background checks.

Here at home, talks among Alabama lawmakers could change where you can take your weapon.

"We've relaxed gun laws in Alabama in years past," said Senator Arthur Orr. "One of the things that will probably be on the table in the upping season is allowing pistol to be in vehicles without the need of a concealed carry permit."

In fact, the Senate passed the bill last year. Sponsored by Senator Gerald Allen of Cottondale, it's been an area of controversy.

"You have the sheriffs who say we don't like it because of security concerns for their law enforcement officers," explained Senator Orr. "But then on the other hand you have people who do not want to get a concealed carry permit but want that security in their vehicle."

Nearby states don't require a concealed carry permit for loaded pistols in cars, according to Senator Allen.

Some lawmakers say it targets law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

"Why are we restricting those who aren't at risk of violating the law, why are we restricting their rights? I think that's a real fundamental question we'll be discussing in the legislature," said Orr.

The bill brought up last year would only apply to handguns, and would make it illegal for minors to knowingly carry a weapon in their car.

Senator Orr says he expects the bill to do well this year. The 2016 legislative session begins in early February.

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