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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Tuesday was a decisive win for many Republican candidates in the state of Alabama. ALGOP leaders see this as writing on the wall for the 2020 elections.

Governor Kay Ivey (R) will serve a full term for the next four years. Early on Tuesday night, voters felt confident about her chances.

Nicole Jones said, “She grew up on a farm, she’s been a teacher, a banker, in politics. She has an impressive track record and she works very hard on everybody’s behalf.”

Joshua Andrews added: “She came in at a very rough time in Montgomery. And I think shook off the training wheels before she even had a chance to put them on, and did a great job.”

Later, as she declared victory, Ivey said, “Working together, Alabama has achieved new heights. But we cannot rest on our success. With your help and support, I plan to replicate a proven model by which I will govern in the next four years. Alabama’s best days are just ahead of us.”

Dorothy Robbins said, “She will prove herself to be one of the great governors, and not just a great female governor, a great governor, of this state.” She went on, “She will leave Alabama a whole lot better than where she found it.”

Nim Frazer added, “Because of her leadership in the last year and what she has demonstrated to the voters, it was an easy choice for us to elect her for 4 more years.” He continued, “We’re excited about the future.”

State party leaders saw the Ivey victory as confirmation of their stronghold in Alabama, and its continued grip in the state.

“We had some great candidates who have worked very hard, their families have worked, their friends have worked, our parties have worked really hard. The county parties, the state legislatures. We have just pushed, pushed, pushed,” she said.

But it’s about more than just the gubernatorial race. Lathan, encouraged early on Tuesday by the reported high turnout, is reading all of Tuesday’s numbers as a sign that the ALGOP message is resonating.

“In my opinion, what this is about is policy. And when you have in our state, in our state in AL when you implement conservative policy, top to bottom, we win,” she said. “We’re going to keep winning, winning, winning as President Trump says.”

She is taking just moments to relax and celebrate, before turning her eyes on to the upcoming 2020 races.

Since Senator Doug Jones (D) emerged victorious against Roy Moore (R) to claim a seat in the U.S. Senate, ALGOP leaders have been restless to claim it back. Lathan believes 2020 is their time.

“We’re all looking to go ahead and look at 2020 and see where we are going to be parked. Especially that US senate seat we want back,” Lathan commented.

She continued, “Democrats fielded a lot more candidates. If we can come out of this with the wind to our back, when you have good Democratic candidates– and everyone is really busy in the Democratic party right now which they haven’t been in the past– and we come out of this really strong, I think we look at 2020.”