ALGOP Chairman speaks on the upcoming election, what’s next for the party

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--The Alabama Republican Party held their summer convention and gala at the Von Braun center Saturday.

ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan said the Alabama Republican Party is going to be keeping busy these next couple of months. It was repeated over and over in their meeting on Saturday that they will not stay within the boundaries of Alabama.

Lathan said they plan on traveling out of state, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and working to secure votes in some key swing states.

Lathan said she thinks the nation is stirred up right now. She believes there's a silent majority out there who are not happy.

"In 72 days we're either going to reset or repeat what's happened to our nation. So the party plays an important role as we build the infrastructure and work with Mr. Trump," she said.

Lathan said the Alabama Republican Party will not stay in the confines of the state. They plan to go to Ohio and Florida, and work from there.

"But we are looking at some battle ground states right now. And what we`re seeing is a trend, and the trend is she's going down and he's going up," said Lathan.

Lathan said in the grand scheme of things, polls really don't matter. It's the debates that make a difference.

"The debates are going to be very, very telling for America. We're going to be after Labor Day, everyone's going to be tuned in and watching, so all eyes on the debates," she said.

Lathan said these next 72 days are crucial for the party.

"We're gonna do whatever it takes as an organization to protect the Supreme Court of the United States and that's by electing Donald Trump president. And we have plans for the Alabama Republican Party to be smack dab in the middle of it," adds Lathan.

Both major party candidates are gearing up for the first of three presidential debates which will take place on September 26th. There could also be a third candidate joining them on stage as well, if Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson can get 15 percent of the vote. He's at 8 percent as of right now.