Alabama Governor, House Speaker Comment On Immigration Ruling

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Alabama’s political leaders are commenting about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s immigration law.

Governor Robert Bentley issued this statement:

“While Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law has similar provisions as Arizona’s law, the laws are not identical.  We will analyze the Supreme Court opinion to see what potential effect it might have on the provisions of Alabama’s law.  State laws on immigration are required because the federal government has refused to enforce its own immigration policies.  The bottom line to Alabama’s law is this: if you live and work in the state, you must do so legally.  The people of Alabama want a strong immigration law, and I will keep my commitment to uphold and enforce Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law.”

“The core of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law remains.  The Supreme Court has affirmed that states can determine how they will interpret and enforce their anti-illegal immigration laws.  We are pleased that the Court recognizes the important roles of states in enforcing immigration laws.”

House Speaker Mike Hubbard also commented on the Supreme Court’s ruling:

“The Court’s decision to uphold the real teeth of Arizona’s illegal immigration law is a victory for Alabama and for all states that are fed up with the federal government’s refusal to enforce the law,” said Hubbard. “States really are the last line of defense to protect the rights of the people, and never has that been more evident than with President Obama ordering federal agents to stand down on immigration enforcement actions. States have not only the right, but the duty to uphold the rule of law and protect their citizens, especially when the federal government refuses to do so.”

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