Alabama Democrats still at odds with Democratic National Committee

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HUNTSVILLE,  Ala. — The Alabama Democratic Party remains officially at odds with the national party, months after the Democratic National Committee ordered new leadership elections for Alabama Democrats.

A dispute about bylaws won’t capture the popular imagination, but in this case, it will have a direct bearing on the future and viability of the Democratic Party in Alabama.

Back in February, the Democratic National Committee told Alabama Democrats to hold new leadership elections, after the 2018 election’s fairness was challenged. And they were told to update their party bylaws, including ensuring more diverse minority access to leadership positions and clearer guidance about operating rules and intraparty election procedures.

Pam Miles, president  of the Democratic Women of Madison County said the Alabama Democratic Party is “not in good standing at all with the DNC.”

The DNC’s bylaws committee met with state party leaders Tuesday. Alabama Democrats were to present new bylaws for DNC approval and set the stage for new party leadership elections.  But the DNC committee rejected Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley’s proposed changes and the dispute has not been resolved.

“The risks are we have no functioning party right now whatsoever,” Miles told WHNT News 19 Wednesday. “The risks are total defeat in 2020 with possibly the exception of Senator Doug Jones who’s running his own coordinated campaign.”

Miles says change is needed.

“The goal is to get new leadership, I mean complete new leadership,” she said.

The DNC is set to meet again in August. Alabama’s troubles will be on the agenda.

“We’re devastated,” Miles said. “We are devastated that it has come to this, but also we are hopeful since it has come to this, that we will actually get some relief and experience some victories in the future.”

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