A new relationship: Election gains for GOP mean Obama, Republicans will recalibrate


U.S. Capitol (MGN Online)

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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama and Republican leaders in Congress are adjusting to a new political dynamic today after voters used the midterm elections to sharpen the dividing lines in an already divided government.

The president has scheduled an afternoon news conference to offer his take on an Election Day thumping of Democrats that has given Republicans control of the Senate and new power to check his proposals.

CBS News is planning a special report at 1:50 p.m. Central Time.  Watch LIVE.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell also plans to speak. He’s positioned to become the new majority leader and confront the president over his signature health care law and other issues.

Obama placed a post-midnight call to McConnell, but the two didn’t connect because McConnell already had gone to bed.

The White House says Obama did speaking with congressional leaders from both parties before he went to bed. He’s been making more calls today.

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