Police: Teen charged with killing Rod and Paula Bramblett was going 89-91 mph

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AUBURN, Ala. – The 16-year-old charged with killing Auburn announcer Rod Bramblett and his wife Paula was going between 89 and 91 miles per hour when his vehicle hit theirs in May, police said.

The speed estimate comes from an affidavit filed Tuesday morning in Johnston Edward Taylor’s manslaughter case in Lee County.

DUI Defense Lawyer George Flowers says Taylor being charged as an adult is protocol in Alabama.

“Normally when a 16-year-old is charged with a crime, they would be in the juvenile court system,” says Flowers. ” There is a specific statute that has to do with the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and when a death is involved, it must be in the adult court system.”

Auburn police say Taylor’s Jeep crashed into the Brambletts’ SUV at Shug Jordan Parkway and Samford Avenue May 25. Paula Bramblett was pronounced dead at East Alabama Medical Center. Rod Bramblett died at UAB Hospital.

Taylor did not attempt to brake, according to data from the Alabama Law Enforcement. He was accelerating from 89 to 91 miles per hour when the crash happened, according to the data; the speed limit in the area is 55, and Auburn police said the Brambletts were waiting at a stop light when they were hit.

“No braking would certainly be indicative of him not seeing the accident happening.” says Flowers.

A blood test did turn up positive for THC in Taylor’s blood, authorities said.

“Simply because there was THC present in the blood… that in and of itself is not going to be proof of impairment,” says Flowers. “What effect this level of THC would have on him will undoubtedly be a big deal in this case.”

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