Police say Skyline Road murder suspect admitted killing, another defendant claimed gun fired accidentally

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Two men charged in a Madison home invasion robbery and killing on Skyline Road last month were in court Wednesday.

Their cases are now headed to a Madison County grand jury.

Hunter Moore and Austin Holmes are charged with capital murder in the death of Luke Pratt, who was fatally stabbed shortly after midnight on May 6.

Moore and Holmes had preliminary hearings Wednesday on the charges. Holmes waived his hearing; Moore’s went forward and Madison Police Department investigators laid out the details of their case.

Hunter Moore

Investigators say at least eight men took part in the plot that was devised by Moore to steal cash and drugs from the Skyline Road home. Investigators said three women rented the home, and Pratt and another man, Giovanni Long, were dating two of the women.

Testimony from investigators said the plan included two men assigned to enter each of the three bedrooms. At least seven people entered the house through the garage, police said. The group included Moore, who was armed with a gun, and Holmes, who had a knife, according to testimony.

Moore and another man entered Long’s room and Long fought with him. Moore reportedly told police the gun went off accidentally while he was fighting with Long. Long was injured, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Holmes and another man armed with a hatchet entered Pratt’s room, police said. Pratt also fought back and police said Holmes told them he was badly losing his fight with Pratt, so he began stabbing him with the knife.

Austin Holmes

After the gunshot, the men fled, police said. Several of the men charged in the case said Moore put his gun in the driver’s face and instructed him to drive, so they could flee the scene.

The other men charged in the case face murder charges, Assistant District Attorney Shauna Barnett said, because they were involved in a crime of violence — burglary or robbery — when a death occurred.

The others charged with murder are Logan Cypret, Hunter Dubois, Kenneth Harvey,  Caeleb Kegley, Lucas Kemp and Larry Watts. Harvey has not been apprehended and is believed to be in Florida, Barnett said.

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