MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – The Muscle Shoals Police Department (MSPD) hosted a fundraiser on June 7 by selling hotdogs, hamburgers, and other food items to help pay for the medical expenses of Tobias McBrayer, the son of MSPD officer Bobby McBrayer.

Tobias McBrayer suffers from type-3 Sturge-Weber’s Syndrome, a rare, life-long syndrome that will require surgery and yearly appointments with specialists.

Lorie McBrayer, Tobias’s mother, told News 19 that Sturge-Weber’s Syndrome is caused by a gene mutation. She later said that the treatment can be expensive, which is why community support is so important.

“We’re actually going to John Hopkins (University) to see the leading Sturge-Weber’s specialist,” McBrayer said. “Without our community and without everybody helping us, we might not have been able to make that appointment.”

McBrayer later added that because of the support from coworkers, family members, and other people in the community, they are very hopeful for Tobias’s future.