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Playtex says 3.6 million plates and bowls for children may pose a choking hazard for anyone who uses them. The company says the clear plastic layer over the graphics can peel or bubble from the surface.

The printed designs include cars, construction scenes, giraffes, princesses, superheros and more. The white polypropylene plates and bowls have a colored rim on top and a non-slip bottom. “Playtex” is also printed on the bottom of the dishes.

The plates and bowls were sold separately, and together as a set.

The company has received 372 reports of the clear plastic layer bubbling or peeling. There are also 11 reports of the clear plastic being found in children’s mouths; four of those incidents included children actually choking on the plastic piece.

The impacted dishes were sold at Babies“R”Us, Target, Walmart, and other stores nationwide and online at from October 2009 through August 2017 for about $2.50 for a single plate or bowl and $15 for a Mealtime set.

Please stop using the dishes immediately and take them away from young children. You should contact Playtex for a full refund  through the previous link or by calling 888-220-2075 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

NOTE: NO OTHER PLAYTEX PRODUCT IS AFFECTED BY THIS RECALL. More specifically, the following products are NOT AFFECTED by this recall: Toy Story 3 and Baby Einstein themed plates and bowls, Playtex Sipsters cups, 3 way plates and bowls, infant spoons, toddler utensils, and flip top snacker products.