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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Plant lovers from across the region flocked to Huntsville Saturday for the Annual North Alabama Hosta Society sale on Saturday.

The Madison County Farmers Market played host to over 100 hundred varieties of hostas. The selection of hostas was so large this year that it required 5 trucks to deliver them.

From Blaze of Glories to Diamond Lakes and Blue Angels, the sale offered a plant for almost every taste. Despite the large selection, organizers said they managed to almost completely sell out this year.

“You know nurseries are selling out and all, a lot of the plants are getting harder to find so we really wanted to make sure we had a good variety of hostas so my board members got together, pushed it, and we had a very good sale,” said Susan Ragsdale of the Hosta Society of North Alabama.

The North Alabama Hosta Society said it’s planning to use the money raised to fund beautification projects in the area this year.