Pisgah residents deal with day-long water outage

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – What started as routine waterline work turned into a city-wide water outage, Friday in Pisgah.

Mayor Leamon Smith told WHNT that a valve issue cut off water to the entire city. During that process, fire hydrants were flushed to alleviate pressure.

The flushing of fire hydrants and a brief moment when everyone turned their water on (at once potentially) is believed to have drained the entire Pisgah water tower.

“That valve, it cut the whole town off. These valves they put in today, it can isolate different parts of the town. So that won’t happen no more,” said Pisgah Mayor, Leamon Smith.

Around 4:30 p.m., residents either were starting to regain water pressure or were still completely without water.

“You know, you never really realize how much you need water until you go without it for so long,” said Sadie Steele, a Pisgah resident.

The tower needs to refill with water before it can flow freely again. Residents should consider boiling their water for about a minute if they plan to cook/drink tap water Friday night or Saturday.

“Run it (the water) a little while. Let it clear up. I’ve seen some today where it wasn’t running and it was dirty,” said Mayor Leamon.

The outage is not expected to impact residents into the weekend. Mayor Leamon says crews from the city worked hard all day to avoid long-term water issues.

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