Picture shows exhaustion of emergency workers in Texas

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – It’s their job: Protect and Serve. Law enforcement agencies across Texas are giving their all to the people stranded by floodwaters in and around Houston.

A photo released the the Texas Sheriff’s Deputies Facebook page shows just that…a man who has given his all.

The deputy, who works for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, had worked high water rescues for more than 12 hours through the night.

The department also shared the image saying he’s a good representation for all of those working to keep everyone safe. Deputies, dispatchers, support staff and detentions staffers all working beyond their scheduled shift to protect and serve.

“This photo represents so many first responders. Their non-stop dedication to Texans is unbelievable. Continue to keep the victims in Harvey’s path in your prayers. Are deputies, dispatch, detentions, and support staff, too. #thankful