Photo of a Tennessee couple after an accident has gone viral


Viral photo of a Tennessee couple after accident

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CNN) – Some pictures are worth a thousand words, some are priceless.  This photo of a young Tennessee couple reconnecting in the hospital after a crash on New Year’s Day has gone viral.

Arika Stoval and her boyfriend, Hunter Hanks, were driving to Nashville from Jacksonville, Fla. when the couple’s pickup veered in to a bridge support.

They can’t remember what happened leading up to the accident, but photos of the accident show how the two narrowly escaped with their lives.

New Year's Day wreck in Tennessee
New Year’s Day wreck in Tennessee

“I don’t know how we lived through that,” said Stovall.

The photo of that devastation isn’t what is making the rounds on social media, though.  It is the photo of the pair reconnecting at the hospital that has touched the hearts of social media users.  In the picture, Hanks is leaning over Stovall, who is lying in a hospital bed.  They are smiling at each other despite being seriously injured.

Viral photo of a Tennessee couple after accident
Viral photo of a Tennessee couple after accident

The photo has been shared more than 70,000 times.

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