Philadelphia pretzel shop creates ‘The Tebow’ to welcome Eagles’ new QB

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Quarterback Tim Tebow is already getting a warm welcome to his new city, in the form of a pretzel.

Tebow signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, and one Philly shop designed a Tebow look-a-like in the dough form.

“The Tebow” sells for $1 a piece at the Philly Pretzel Factory.

“Our CEO sent an email out last night. He heard that Tebow may be signing, and he said let’s make sure we make some pretzels tomorrow welcoming Tim Tebow to the city,” said Marty Ferrill, President of the Philly Pretzel Factory.

“Well, having a pretzel, I feel like, is having a statue erected for you in Philly,” said customer Ashlee Toll.

Just to make sure Tebow sees them, the shop also sent a shipment of the pretzels to the Eagles team.

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