Petition for red light at Dug Hill Road and Highway 72 intersection

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – As the population of Madison County continues to grow, so do problems with some of the area’s roadways. A petition has been started to make improvements at Dug Hill Road and Highway 72.

“So many people have lost there lives here and one person lost their father her in 2006,” explained petition organizer Nikki Guzzetti. “It’s been a problem since then – something needs to be done about it.”

Guzzetti grew up in the area, and when she was learning to drive she would actually go out of her way to avoid the intersection because it was a concern of her parents.

“People are going to run stop signs, people are going to speed, that’s why /i think a red light would be the best possibility,” she continued.

The intersection currently has flashing stop signs, but Guzzetti says that’s not enough. Highway 72 is a state highway maintained by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says the county works closely with ALDOT and wants to ensure citizens that their voices are being heard.

“The concern of the citizens is heard, we’ve heard it,” Hill stated. “We have voiced those concerns. They have plans to make improvements, but right now signalization is not one of them.”

Hill says one possibility for improvement at the intersection would be a right turn only.

“Instead of going straight across you would have to go down east bound, make a u-turn, go across two more lanes of traffic and then go across – and that’s just ridiculous,” Guzzetti added

In less than a week, Guzzetti’s petition has received 1,600 signatures.


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