Petition created for stop light at “dangerous” Albertville intersection


ALBERTVILLE, Ala.- After more than half a dozen crashes at what some Marshall County residents consider a dangerous intersection in Albertville, hundreds are asking the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) for change.

The intersection at Highway 75 and Hustleville Road is technically outside of the Albertville Police Department’s jurisdiction, but Chief Jaime Smith told News 19 they do respond to wrecks there.

He says there have been seven so far in 2021.

Smith adds that none were fatal that he knows of, but there are usually injuries.

A petition was started three weeks ago for ALDOT to install a stop light at the intersection.

The petition’s creator states on the petition site that a flashing light will not suffice.

Several people have commented on the petition site calling the intersection dangerous and scary.

Some even posted that they are afraid they or their loved ones could be killed here.

“It’s not that we necessarily have more wrecks there, it’s just usually there, I’d say, a little more serious because of the speed factor that’s involved in a traffic accident” explained Smith. “It’s people paying attention. It’s a straight road and I guess some people have a hard time maybe guesstimating speed.”

That is, diver potentially underestimating how quickly traffic is flowing on Highway 75.

ALDOT’s Seth Burkett tells News 19 they have been reviewing the Highway 75 and 68 intersection and “anticipate making modifications to improve safety soon”

He adds they are “not ruling out a traffic signal but that is probably not the best or safest option.”

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