Pet Supply Drive for Manna House aims to help treat people in need by treating their furry companions

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Leashes, toys, beds, food, money.

That’s what members of a law firm in Huntsville are asking residents.

It’s a supply drive for pets, with the hope that ultimately, it will make things better for people.

Manna House caters to people who need help with basic necessities of life.

For many, that means necessities for their best friends too.

“We feed the family, we feed the pet,” said Fran Fluhler, the director of Manna House (link to Facebook account).

Fluhler said when Manna House opens for distribution, they have two lines to form: one for human food and supplies and another one for pet food and supplies.

Not everyone knows that.

It came as a surprise to some of the employees at Lanier Ford Law Firm, who put together the pet supplies drive.

“We know that a lot of people need food for their pets.. they also need beds,” said Candace Wass, receptionist for Lanier Ford.

Wass knows from experience that pets need creature comforts too.  She has three dogs and one cat.

“Are they your children?” asked WHNT NEW 19’s Beth Jett.  “Yes, they are,” said Wass.  “I will go hungry before they do.”

Many other people will do the same, even people who have next to nothing for themselves.

“We know that pets are part of the family and we don’t want anyone to have to give them away,” said Fluhler.  “We feel like we’re making a contribution to the city because that animal is not being dropped off at a local shelter or left somewhere in the neighborhood.”

Through August 22nd, Lanier Ford is encouraging people to consider donating what Manna House needs for pets in need.

You can drop off pet supplies or financial donations at Manna House at 2000 Vernon Avenue, Suite B in Huntsville (right next to the Rock Church off South Memorial Parkway).

Office hours at the Manna House are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am 4:30pm, then on Friday from 8:00am to noon.

Or you can bring them to the lobby of Lanier Ford at the Commerce Center at 2101 Clinton Avenue West, during regular business hours.

Watch their Public Service Announcement here:

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