Pet Pig rescued from a manhole in Atlanta


Pet pig rescued from a manhole in Atlanta

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) – Georgia authorities rescued a two hundred pound pet pig from a manhole on Friday.

The pig named Rick “Bacon” Ross fell into the Atlanta manhole on Wednesday.  It is unknown how the animal came to be in this predicament.

Rick "Bacon" Ross
Rick “Bacon” Ross

His owner climbed down into the manhole and stayed with him until he could be rescued.

It took a crew of 16 from the Atlanta Fire Department and special equipment to pull him out.

Bacon’s owner Latoria Middleton, who has had Bacon since he was a week old, expressed gratitude for everyone’s help. “Actually I’m really relieved. I’m glad that he’s okay.  At first I was terrified and now, I just have hope.  This is my baby.  Help me bring my baby home.  He means the world to me.  The love I have for him is genuine.”

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