Patients impacted by multi-state opioid take down searching for answers

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Three Madison County doctors are facing serious charges after a federal opioid takedown, and it’s leaving some patients concerned for what’s next for their medical treatment.

WHNT News 19 has had people reach out concerned about where to get their medical records and who to call. The U.S Attorney prosecuting these cases says the Department of Justice thought about that before they charged Dr. Celia Lloyd-Turney, Dr. Marshall Plotka, and Dr. John Cimino.

U.S. Attorney Jay Town says his office knows that’s an issue that comes out of pursuing these types of cases.

“We want to make sure patients are taken care of too. It is sort of a secondary problem that too often in law enforcement is missed but this strike force did not miss that in their coordination efforts with all of our local and state agencies was absolutely immense,” says Town.

Town says patients shouldn’t have a problem getting their files.

“We actually took measures so that the patients that would normally attend these clinics were able to get access to their file,” says Town.

Town says officials did take into consideration that now these patients are left without continued care.

“We did think about those individuals who are suffering pain, do need medical care and they are just going to the doctor who was maybe closet to their home. Maybe it’s not that same doctor anymore but we do want to get them healthcare. We were able to locate other clinics that were abiding by the law and conducting themselves lawfully so that we could send those patients to those clinics that were often times nearby,” says Town.

Additional information regarding available treatment programs and where patients can turn for assistance is available as follows:

If you are seeking help in Alabama, please call 1 (866) 264-4073.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has provided resources on opioid addiction and overdose.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health has provided resources for understanding the opioid crisis

For individuals seeking help in other states, please call 1(800) 662-HELP.

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