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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The World’s Longest Yard Sale stretches through several counties in Alabama, bringing a lot of traffic to county roads that are usually quiet, and the increase in traffic can create dangerous road conditions. 

When driving through busy areas, vendors recommend you slow down. Most visitors to the sale said they have had so many positive experiences.

“Some people are very nice and let you in,” Jenny Sweer, a buyer at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. “Others just zoom on by.”

Many vendors located just outside of Dogtown in Dekalb County have been setting up in the area for years, and they said they have seen a lot of impatience. In areas where many people are walking across the street, a speeding car can be very dangerous.

“People coming back and forth across the street, and they just dart out,” vendor Harry Truitt. “They are not paying attention, and traffic doesn’t pay attention.”

Some parts of County Road 89 have low visibility, and many people are parking on the side of the road to stop and shop.

“When the sun goes down, there’s no lights anywhere down this way and somebody can walk out at any given point in time and no realize it or a car speeding,” Truitt said.

The speed limit on county Road 89 is 55 miles per hour in many spots, but traffic may run a little slower. Make sure to watch for pedestrians and keep an eye on cars pulling on and off the road.