Parents step up for students with learning-disabilities


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – On Wednesday, all three public school systems in Madison County announced that school will be virtual for at least the first nine weeks.  

While parents are grateful of the accommodations to keep their kids safe from COVID-19, this change still raises some questions, especially from parents with special needs students.  

The plan to reopen schools has been a rollercoaster of trial and error when it comes to getting things right. From how kids will learn, to making sure they receive the proper education from home.  

When taking disabled students out of their self-contained curriculum and the resources it provides, it would have a big impact on how they learn.  

Moving to virtual learning could cause a setback in the learning process.   

Mother Amy Fruchtnict knows firsthand how valuable those resources can be, and that a child with learning disabilities doesn’t learn the same virtually as they would in the self-contained classroom setting.  

In this setting the student is in a different class with a teacher who is responsible for all their curriculum and works closely with the student.  

Fruchtnict wanted to start a Facebook group that could provide help and assistance for other parents who were looking to have those resources and materials at home for themselves or their child’s caregiver, if they have one.  

She wants to make sure that no student falls behind due to lack of resources.  

“’We’re working with the Madison City School system to make sure that all the special education teachers that have self-contained classrooms have these supplies so then they can get them to the students.” 

Church of the Highlands has generously donated their in-house printing for families who need supplies for their students at home.  

“We’re just working on fundraising to make sure we have all these material,” Fruchtnict said.  

If you wish to help, click here for their Amazon wishlist or donate to their GoFundMe account here.

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