Parent says Madison County should have given students the option of in person learning


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The debate on whether the Madison County School District made the right decision on how to start the school year continued Tuesday night at the School Board Meeting. Three people addressed the Madison County School Board in regard to virtual learning during the first nine weeks of school.

Two school system employees used their time to thank the district for the decision to start virtually but one parent shared concerns about what this means for students. 

“I understand its a health situation and all. And it should be serious but at the same time though, you have parents who have healthy kids and they want to get their kids back in a healthy environment,” says parent Kris Keel. 

Kris keel has a daughter at Hazel Green High School. He feels like there was a lack of communication from the Madison County School Board before they made the decision to start school virtually.

“The three options that were presented to the parents in a survey that was sent back in June, to this day we still do not know the results to that survey,” says Keel.

Keel argues that the people who have health conditions that make them susceptible to COVID-19 have the option to stay home and that students need to be in school for more than academics. 

“School is important but a lot of school is socialization with these kids and they’re not having it right now. They haven’t had it since March,” says Keel.

While some are frustrated with the districts decision, others are thankful. 

“Thank you for taking the time to create a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible even when you knew, you would not please everyone,” said one educator to the school board. 

Another person stood to speak on behalf of the schools support staff. 

“Thank you for your decision, and thank you for what you’re doing to make Madison County Schools safe for us all.” 

Madison County School system says they are prepared to help meet the needs of students and parents when it comes to virtual learning including technology for all students, food assistance, and help finding childcare options.

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