Paralyzed veteran once again attempting world record rifle shoot

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GILES COUNTY, Tenn.- A man from Ardmore had his finger on the trigger on Saturday hoping to set a world record.

John Rice was paralyzed in a car accident 15 years ago. Since then, he’s been trying his hand at competitive rifle shooting.

Rice was once again setting his sights at a thousand yards. As the van pulled up, Rice was back in a familiar place. Rice, who’s a Marine Corps Veteran, was once again invited to King ‘B’ Farm to do some long-range shooting under the punishing August sun.

“I just keep shooting as much as I can, when I can,” Rice said.

Rice had an impressive showing last year. His wife Becky submitted it to Guinness to be considered for a world record.

“They have acknowledged that I’m the first quadriplegic to shoot a five-shot grouping at a thousand yards,” Rice said.

Guinness representatives told him it was impressive, but not yet enough for a world record.

“For my class of disability, they don’t have anything to go by,” Rice said.

While he’s alone in the category, Rice certainly isn’t alone as he takes aim.

“It’s a part of being a Rice. They’re a very competitive family,” John’s wife Becky said.

After a few practice rounds, John hits at a thousand yards, then another. He finishes the afternoon hitting the thousand-yard target four times.

“I think I did great today. I’m happy with it,” Rice said.

“Maybe there’ll be more competitions for people with quadriplegic or paraplegia,” Becky said.

It may not have been a bullseye this time. But John ended the day with a three-shot grouping at 3-point-3 inches, which they plan to submit to Guinness in hopes this time, they’ll recognize it as a world record.

Becky says John’s score will be sent into Guinness along with the other shooters from Saturday.

John says his next goal is to bullseye a target at one mile.

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