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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVI) — A lot of people get engaged in February. It’s often referred to as the month of love. But many others remain ringless and disappointed.

Starting Valentine’s Day, Panera Bread will give social media users a chance to win one of 22 baguette-cut diamond rings served up in a “bread bowl” box.

“For once, Panera doesn’t mean a BREAD baguette – this baguette is a lab-grown DIAMOND showcased in none other than a Bread Bowl inspired ring box,” Panera said in a statement.

Winners of the rings, which will be “complemented by glistening, smaller stones,” will also score a one-year subscription to Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club, which offers unlimited coffee.

“This time of year can be filled with ups and downs and wins and losses – but Panera is always there to help fill your cup,” Drayton Martin, vice president of brand building at Panera, said in a statement. “The beautiful baguette-cut ring is an ode to our artisanal bread, which paired with our Unlimited Sip Club is sure to make our guests’ day shine a little brighter.”

Enter from Feb. 14 to 18 by sending a tweet or an Instagram post with the hashtags #PaneraDate and #Sweepstakes along with a photo of yourself, your bread, a significant other, friends or colleagues.

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