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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Recycling Alliance of North Alabama (RANA) told News 19 two big issues have gotten in the way of picking up recycling on time.

“It’s unprecedented for us right now,” Huntsville Solid Waste Disposal Authority Executive Director John “Doc” Holladay said.

Holladay said as of January 13 the program’s contracting company is down to just half its usual drivers, with COVID-19 playing a big factor.

“That’s half the drivers covering about 88,000 recycle bins around Madison County,” he said.

The situation is actually an improvement. Up until this week, Holladay said supply chain issues prevented the fabrication and arrival of needed maintenance parts for RANA’s trucks. On top of that, the availability of rental trucks has disappeared.

“(Usual wait time) for getting new trucks is 12-18 months,” Holladay said. “It’s hard to get parts and what those two things together have done is kind of dried up the market for rental trucks.”

Holladay hopes residents don’t give up on being green any time soon, and that residents keep their curbside bins out at least on the fourth day past scheduled pickup onward.

“We’re working through that issue. Hopefully, everyone will be back (to normal) next week but I just don’t know for sure,” Holladay said.

Holladay said many positions with contractors for RANA are open.

The recycling program gains an average of 150 new residents in Madison County every week, he said.

We are asking RANA customers to leave their cart(s) on the curb to allow additional time for crews to collect their recyclables. The collections times, unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed at this time.

Please place your cart(s) out for service on your regular collection day (prior to 7 a.m.). We ask that you leave your cart(s) out until they are collected.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we diligently work to resolve the delayed collection issues and return to our normal schedule.

Huntsville Solid Waste Disposal Authority Executive Director John “Doc” Holladay

If you have an issue other than late pickup, you can email the SWDA office here.