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More than 70 businesses are calling on Congress to pass the “For The People Act,” a massive voting rights bill aimed at expanding voting access nationwide.

Corporations listed in the letter’s signatories include Ben & Jerry’s, ICM, Lime, the National Hockey League, Patagonia, The Atlanta Dream, The Skimm, and Tumblr. According to, the letter was initiated by Declaration for American Democracy,, and Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization.

In the letter addressed to the U.S. Congress, the companies stated, “More than 360 bills in 47 states have been introduced to put up barriers to silence our fellow Americans’ voices, especially the voices of Black, Brown, young, disabled, and working class voters.”

“Let’s be very clear—this is not a partisan issue,” the letter continued. “The For the People Act is not about choosing one party or one issue over another, it is about common sense reforms that protect and expand our democracy, and put the power in the hands of the people. It is about reaffirming our founding principle that we can chart our own course as a nation.”

According to a summary from, the “For The People Act,” also known as H.R. 1 in the House and S.R. 1 in the Senate, addresses election security, expands access to voting, campaign finance, and new ethical standards for all three branches of government. It also would establish Election Day as a national holiday.

Read the full letter here.