“Operation Pendulum” Takes Back Sheffield

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For the second time this week, police officers in north-west Alabama hit the streets before dawn with warrants in hand.

Sheffield police launched “Operation Pendulum”, targeting the drug trafficking industry in the city.

One by one, accused drug dealers are escorted to an awaiting patrol car.

The results of “Operation Pendulum”, police say it’s designed to give Sheffield back to its law abiding citizens.

“Bad job by the bad guys. I’m glad of that. Once again, I don’t know whether to say that this is a good thing or bad thing, that we were able to make this many cases in such a short period of time,” Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray said in a media briefing.

In four months, drug agents were able to secure drug related indictments for 38 people.

Chief Ray says that the face of a typical drug dealer is changing “Right now, I would say that the biggest problem we find is prescription drugs. That’s really, really become a problem.”

According to Chief Ray, of the 38 people with warrants, 11 are women. Investigators say that women will not typically fit the profile of a drug dealer, so most people in the community will look over them. Selling illegal prescription pills can almost go undetected, “I think it goes back to ease of access. It’s still not accepted that it’s a crime. It’s not accepted that it’s wrong,” Chief Ray said.

Police say that the indictments served Thursday, will hopefully swing the pendulum back into the city’s favor.

With the help of local, state and federal agents, Sheffield has been able to pick up 30 of the 38 people they were looking to arrest. Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray says the operation will continue until all 38 have been picked up or turn themselves in.

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