One of every three patients at Huntsville Hospital Flu Clinic has COVID-19


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Recent data compiled by Huntsville Hospital showed within the last few weeks, 1 out of every three patients at Fever & Flu clinics tested positive for COVID-19. A ratio that Huntsville Hospital says is deeply concerning and a sharp increase compared to previous data sets.

On Friday, mid-day, the hospital system had 89 patients with COVID-19. Thirteen of which are on ventilators. For comparison, the only 4 people have tested positive for the flu over the last 2 weeks at the Fever & Flu clinic.

“It changes our patterns here to make sure we are really getting the word out to the community about wearing a mask when out and about. I know tonight there’s football and basketball games, we all want to find a sense of normalcy,” said Tracy Doughty, the Senior Vice President of Operations for Huntsville Hospital.

The hospital system has continued their drive-thru clinics in various locations over the last few months. That may increase due to demand for testing.

“If the community demand is there, if we see a definite uptick in asymptomatic patients coming to the ER or the Fever and Flu clinic needing testing, we are ready to stand up and go,” said Doughty.

There’s a chance the hospital system will have to tighten up their visitor policies once again.

“We’ve tweaked our current plans, revised them and sharpened our pencils to make sure we left no stone unturned. We have two calls a day just related to COVID. We have since March,” said Doughty.

There’s no need to preach mask wearing, washing of hands and social distancing in this article. Health officials are pretty much begging people to think about the community at large. With flu season kicking off, masks can protect against what will be a war on two fronts.

“They are both transmitted by droplets. Anytime you can keep droplets in your mask or if you have a mask on, stop them from getting in your nose and mouth, it’s much better,” said Doughty.

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