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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Holman Correctional Facility remains on lockdown, as the investigation into Friday night’s riots continue. We’re told three Alabama Correctional Emergency Response Teams were brought in to bring the situation under control.

A correction’s officer was stabbed Friday night, while trying to break up a fight. A new release from the Department of Corrections says he’s still recovering from his injuries. The prison’s warden was also stabbed, but he reported back to work Sunday.

More than 100 inmates also started a fire inside the facility, and tried to gain control of the dormitories.

Sunday, Corrections officers say they confiscated 30 cell phones, makeshift knives, and other contraband. Before the phones were collected, WHNT News 19 spoke to an inmate inside the facility on Saturday.


“Expect it to get worse, expect it to keep happening.”

Those chilling words were spoken by a man who identified himself over the phone as an inmate at Holman Correctional Facility Saturday. We found him in the inmate system and spoke to a relative who confirmed his identity. He spoke to us by cell phone.

A second inmate who wouldn’t identify himself but who was verified by the first inmate, tells us he witnessed the events. He says tempers flared when the very first officer got in the middle of an inmate fight.

“What [the officer] did was not professional. They teach them not to do what he did. He went in swinging his stick and throwing inmates around. You know, if you try being in prison for 20 years, people get tired of seeing their fellow convicts get treated that way.”

The first inmate we spoke to tells WHNT News 19 says the overcrowding caused the incident, “People are getting more and more aggravated everyday when their rights are being taken away, even the rights we’re supposed to have as human beings.”

Both inmates say prison operations essentially stopped in the aftermath of the riot.

The first inmate, who is in the segregation unit away from the riot, told us, “They aren’t giving us food, they aren’t giving us medicine. They’re not giving us anything.”

Both say prison conditions push inmates to a tipping point.

According to the Alabama Department of Corrections, the inmates involved in the stabbing are being detained away from the general population. They say the prison will remain on lock down for the next few days, until the investigation is complete.