LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — A criminal investigation is underway after a student wrote a “hit list” with the names of other students on a whiteboard at Mosley High School, school officials confirmed Tuesday.

“It was reported to administration that a student posted a list of names on a whiteboard and was calling this list his ‘hit list’,” Principal Brian Bullock said in a call home to parents. “The student that created this list and made the comment is currently with law enforcement.”

Bullock added that safety remains the top priority of school leaders and the situation was taken seriously, regardless of whether or not the student was joking.

“We have personally contacted the parents of the names on the list,” he added. “Parents, this is an isolated incident, but I felt it was important for everyone to be in the know and I wanted you to hear it from me. It is also a good reminder that in today’s world, all threats will be taken seriously. Which comes with potentially school and law enforcement consequences.”

Bullock also commended the students who came forward to tell adults about the incident.

“Parents, please talk with your child tonight about things that should not be discussed in a school setting. We take them seriously,” he said.

Bay County Sheriff’s officials said they arrested one student on a misdemeanor charge of disruption of school function.