TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) – The Tuscumbia City Council is holding a public meeting on November 21 to discuss an Alabama state ordinance that would allow the distribution of medical cannabis.

Tuscumbia Mayor William Foster told News 19 that the public meeting will include a presentation by representatives of a medical cannabis company, who will also answer the public’s questions.

“The group that is coming in tonight is actually going to field questions from the council and from the public,” Foster said.

Foster said that the council will vote on whether or not to adopt the ordinance within the next several weeks.

“We’ll get two weeks to even discuss it and go over it. And then the following week, if we decide to vote on it in two more weeks, we’ll vote on it then,” Foster said. “If we need more time, we can push it back another two weeks.”

Foster later said that a company has already approached the city about both producing and distributing medical cannabis in the city.

The nearby city of Florence already adopted the ordinance in early November.