COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Tuscumbia man is facing charges of attempted murder following an exchange of gunfire between him and his ex-girlfriend, court documents say.

34-year-old Jimmy Dee Davis, Jr. was arrested on July 6 in Colbert County. A felony complaint record obtained by News 19 lays out the details of the night that led to Davis’ arrest.

On Sunday, June 12, a car pulled into the breezeway of the Tuscumbia Police Department (TPD). Sergeant White noticed the vehicle had several bullet holes and the windows were busted out. The Sergeant started talking to the female driver, who told her that she had driven to her ex-boyfriend’s (Davis’) house on Joe Wheeler Drive to bring him a set of keys after he texted her asking for them. Her mother was with her.

According to the court filing, when the woman pulled into the driveway of Davis’ house, she told police that he came out from behind the home with what they described as a long gun – and began shooting at the car.

The woman says she and her mother quickly crouched down into the seat. The daughter grabbed a pistol out of her mother’s purse and fired some rounds at Davis. She told police that allowed her to drive away, and the two women drove directly to the police station.

While taking their statements, police received a call of a disturbance in the area where the shooting had just happened. When officers arrived, the complaint says, they were met by Davis’ father. According to the report, Jimmy Davis, Sr. was “very irate” and was yelling at officers to “go get the two females that had shot at his son.” Davis Jr. was behind his father with his hands in the air.

Evidence from the investigation led detectives to believe that Davis Jr. fired a 12 gauge shotgun into the car of his ex-girlfriend. Investigators found five 12 gauge shotgun shells in the driveway and two 9mm casings at a nearby intersection.

(Photo: Tuscumbia Police Department)

Two bullet holes were found near the top of the house. That evidence, paired with the placement of the 9mm casings, led detectives to believe that these were shots fired in return as the two women drove away from the scene.

Davis Sr. told investigators that his “brother” was the one that shot and that he didn’t know where the gun was, according to the complaint. Investigators then asked Davis Jr. if he knew where the gun was. Davis Jr. said he gave the shotgun to his father, telling investigators that it was a camouflage long-barrel shotgun.

When told what Davis Jr. said, Davis Sr. allowed officers to take the shotgun, according to the complaint. Investigators then returned to the police department where the detective was still processing the woman’s car.

The detective found shrapnel from a shotgun round. It had been embedded in the headrest of the passenger seat.

Davis Jr. told investigators that he and the woman had been dating for close to a year, but said they were arguing because he had cheated on her. He said he asked her to drop off the key at his father’s house, telling investigators that her reply in a message was that she would “blow his head off.”

When asked who fired shots first, Davis Jr. told detectives that the women started shooting when they pulled into the driveway and that he returned fire. However, the investigators from the scene told him that because of where the casings were, his story didn’t match the evidence.

That’s when Davis Jr. said he didn’t know who fired the first shot, that everything happened too fast. Then, he said they both started firing at the same time. Then he told investigators again that the women shot first.

Davis Jr. was charged with two counts of attempted murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, second-degree domestic violence and for certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm.

As of July 8, Davis remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.