TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — We’ve all seen baby announcements, some families use their dogs, balloons, holiday cards or other fun ways to announce a new member of their family. But for this Tuscumbia family, after seven kids, they’ve had to get creative!

Matt and Kimberly Standridge found a creative way several years ago to announce their sixth child and the trend has kept going.

News 19 met the Standridge family back in 2017 when they announced their sixth child with a rap music video that went viral on Facebook. They say they made the video in response to some negative comments they received about their growing family, and of course to have fun too.

The Standridge family told News 19 they thought they were done having kids after having their seventh child in 2019. That was the inspiration behind their newest music video, where Matt said the news had him “breathing out of paper bags.”

“We’ve noticed that after we had three, four, five kids that people had stopped celebrating that with us,” Matt said. “That’s why we started making rap videos.”

Matt and Kimberly both say that parenting all of their kids is tough, but they’re still excited. Their oldest daughter, Havah, said having a big family never gets old.

“It’s fun because you’re never bored,” Havah said, “there’s so many of us you just can’t be bored.”

Matt and Kimberly also told News 19 that they want to use their story to encourage other parents who may be struggling. They said that parenting is difficult, and it requires a lot of patience and communication.

“I think the key for parenting multiple kids is to have multiple check-ins,” Matt said. “How are we doing? How are the kids doing? Do we need to make any changes, or is everything good?”

You can see their full announcement music video on their YouTube channel here.