LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) – After a long emotional battle to keep R.A Hubbard High School from closing, Lawrence County Schools provided some more information on what to expect going forward.

Superintendent Jon Bret Smith said the decision by the board to recommend the closure of R.A. Hubbard wasn’t easy, but the school’s financial crisis didn’t allow the school to stay open. 

Smith admitted that any time there’s a decision to close an educational institution like R.A. Hubbard, there is going to be a long emotional battle to keep it open. The parents made the call to the NAACP to help in that battle.  

Community leaders claimed the closing is racially motivated, but the state’s board of directors said finances per student just didn’t add up. 

“We appreciate everybody and their willingness to do and take a hard stand at times, but we want to make sure that our students are taken care of,” Smith told News 19.  

Students at R.A. Hubbard voiced their concerns about the closure and transferring to another school. Smith said their concerns will be heard.

“They have a voice, whether it’s community or parents, and we want our students and to make sure our students are absolutely taken care of,” said Smith.  

Students at East Lawrence High School said they will do everything they can to make the transition from Hubbard to East Lawrence as easy as possible.  

“We would love to welcome all of the R.A. Hubbard students and all that they have to offer with athletics and academics and just their personalities,” said Piper Gable, a sophomore at East Lawrence High School.  

Gavin Terry, a junior added, “We will welcome them with open arms. We’re looking forward to see how we do and see how we improve.” 

The attorney for NAACP who has been the legal counsel for the parents told News 19 the school’s closure is under appeal.