ST. FLORIAN, Ala. (WHNT) – The St. Florian Police Department (SFPD) K-9 unit, Titus, has helped make dozens of arrests since he arrived late last year.

Titus is the first K-9 unit that the SFPD has ever had. He is dual-trained to assist in criminal apprehension and search for narcotics.

K-9 Officer Sergeant Alex Moore told News 19 that drug trafficking has been a significant problem in the county in the past, and Titus has helped them crack down on offenders more than ever.

“It’s every day that we’re getting more narcotics off the street, so it’s a continuous thing,” Moore said. “The more we can get off, the more we can make our community safe.”

Since becoming a part of the SFPD, Titus has also been used by other local police departments and the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office to search for narcotics.

Moore told News 19 that Titus is also a playful, loyal pet when they are not working together.