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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – An Alabama Department of Public Health employee was killed in a dog attack Friday…by the same pack of dogs that attacked a different lady.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said the first attack was reported to Franklin County Animal Control earlier in the week, and they believe Jacqueline Summer Beard from ADPH was killed while trying to locate the dogs’ owner during a follow-up.

Deputies responded to the Crumpton Road area outside Red Bay after somebody called to report a suspicious vehicle. Area residents met the deputies on Crumpton Road, and several dogs started attacking the residents while deputies were there; one received minor injuries. Some of the dogs were euthanized immediately.

Deputies found Beard’s body in the suspicious vehicle, and Coroner Charlie Adcox pronounced her dead.

The dogs’ owner, Brandy Lee Dowdy, 39, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. She will also face penalties under Emily’s Law, which was signed by Gov. Kay Ivey in March 2018.

Emily’s Law, named in memory of Emily Colvin, who was killed by dogs outside her home in Jackson County in 2017, provides for felony and misdemeanor charges depending on the circumstances surrounding a dangerous dog attack.

Jail records show Dowdy was being held in the Franklin County Jail as of Saturday morning pending further investigation.