FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A man was arrested in Franklin County after authorities say he harassed, assaulted, robbed, and kidnapped a woman who had a protection from abuse order against him.

A spokesperson for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) said that Miguel Salgado, 37, was arrested for second-degree kidnapping, domestic violence harassment, robbery, theft of property, and aggravated stalking in violation of a protection order.

The charges, the spokesperson said, come from an incident in February where Salgado went to the workplace of a woman with a protection order against him and caught her outside her work when she was exiting her vehicle.

Miguel Salgado (Photo: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Salgado is accused of grabbing the victim by her throat and calling her derogatory names. FCSO says he then took the victim’s phone, which is why he was charged with theft of property and robbery.

Authorities say that Salgado was able to pull the victim into his vehicle and shove her in the backseat. When he began driving, the woman reportedly attempted to escape the vehicle but couldn’t get the door unlocked.

The FCSO spokesperson said that she began biting Salgado and pulling his hair in an attempt to fight back.

Salgado kept driving while he told the victim she was “never going to see her family or kids again,” according to the FCSO.

The official said that Salgado eventually stopped at an intersection, and the victim was able to get the door unlocked and escape the vehicle to flag down another person passing by. That person stopped and called 911.

By the time FCSO and Russellville Police arrived at the scene to investigate, Salagado had already driven away but warrants for his arrest were obtained later.

According to jail records, Salgado is still being held in the Franklin County jail and no bond has been set.