LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A mother is calling for action from law enforcement after social media videos show several young men beating her son until he is unconscious. 

Britney Burney says her son Brayden is still recovering after a group attacked him at a Halloween party. It’s now been over two weeks since the incident, and still no arrests have been made. 

The video shows Brayden being chased and attacked by several young men at a house party in the Caddo community of Lawrence County on October 28. “They continued to beat him until somebody steps in and saves him,” said Burney.  

Warning: The video below includes content that may be disturbing to watch.

Burney told News 19 that her son was trying to get away from the group after the young men initially attacked him. 

“He was taken to the ground and beaten unconscious,” Burney explained. “A friend got him to the car to leave and the guys followed him to the car and punched him through the windows. It was two different guys. He gets out of the car and takes off running, and they take him down and beat him unconscious again.” 

The video shows an unidentified man picking up Brayden and taking him away from the crowd. Once he got home, Britney Burney immediately took him to the hospital. She then went to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) to file a report, identifying at least two of the men. 

“Imagine seeing your child on the ground unconscious and completely helpless and they are being beaten and nobody is doing anything but standing around laughing and watching and videoing. It just tears your heart out, and it’s just not acceptable,” said Burney. 

News 19 reached out to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office about this incident. A spokesperson said that the attack is classified as a misdemeanor assault. Two of the attackers have been identified but no arrest warrants have been issued. 

Britney Burney says her son suffered an orbital bone fracture along with some severe bruising, and she is still looking for the identity of others involved in the attack. She says the family has also hired an attorney.