ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Lauderdale County Elementary School has installed a sensory room to help students who are struggling to focus.

The sensory room is equipped with padded walls and a number of sensory items including a compression swing, a spin board, and other items that can stimulate people through touch, sight, and sound.

Lauderdale County Schools Special Education Director Kim Meeks told News 19 that sensory items like these can have a great impact on students’ attention and behavior.

“We are finding that students who have a sensory need, when they come in here, say for 10 minutes, they’re able to go back to the classroom and focus and get that energy out,” Meeks said.

Meeks later said that sensory rooms are usually associated with people who have autism. However, these items can serve children with many different needs.

“It’s really hard to know the benefit until you see the benefit,” Meeks said. “We are seeing tons of progress with the students, so we’re really excited to see all that across the county.”

The Lauderdale County School System plans to install these rooms in every elementary school in their system. After that project is completed, they will work to install them in middle and high schools as well.