LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s been 2,280 days, or a little over 6 years, since Kevin Deshaunn Deloney Jr. was charged in connection to a double murder in North Courtland and there is no trial date in sight.

Deloney, 19,  of Decatur, AL, and Tamorris Oneil Bolding, 23, of Muscle Shoals, were both charged with two counts of Capital Murder following the fatal shooting of Jimmy Lee Bolding and James Lemark Madden on Rosa Parks Street on July 6, 2017.

Jimmy Lee Bolding was found dead in the front yard of the home, and Madden was found dead inside a mobile home on the property.

A jury trial for Deloney was originally set for October 23, but the case was continued on October 12. Court documents show that there was a data system update by AOC and as a result of the update, the system did not generate the notice to send out regarding jury duty for Deloney’s trial, which led the court to continue it.

(Photo: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office)

In March 2022, Deloney’s attorneys filed a motion for a speedy trial that has gone unanswered by the courts. Then, in August 2022, Deloney wrote a letter to the court describing a potential settlement his attorneys informed him of.

In the letter, Deloney does bring up the amount of time that had passed since he was arrested and charged for the double murder, stating that he’s ready to ‘speed the lengthy process.’

“I was informed by my attorneys… of a potential settlement for lesser including offenses in my case. Through acknowledgment from my attorneys, I was offered a 20-year sentence by the state in exchange for a plea of guilty of manslaughter. I am willing to accept the state’s offer only if the 20-year sentence is split with the 5 years of confinement I’ve already served and I am released from custody. Also upon my release, I am willing to agree to an unsupervised state probation period of 2 years. If the state doesn’t have any interest in the terms set forth, then I demand my case be tried on the upcoming docket to get these matters resolved and behind me. This letter isn’t to be misinterpreted as to presuming guilt for I maintain my innocence, rather this is just a remedy to resolve these matters or speed the lengthy process that I’ve been enduring for the past 60 months.”

Kevin Deshaunn Deloney Jr.

Judge Angela Terry threw out the case against Tamorris Bolding in October of 2017, saying the court did not find probable cause. Judge Terry dismissed the case without prejudice and Tamorris Bolding was released immediately.

Deloney’s case was bound over to a grand jury in September 2017, and he was indicted in August 2018 on four capital murder charges, two for murdering two individuals and two for committing the murders during the act of robbery.

At the time this article is being published, another trial date for Deloney has not been set.